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What are Kryptopyrroles?

What are Kryptopyrroles?
Often people with depression or other mental health disorders demonstrate an abnormal production of a group of chemicals called 'pyrroles', this is called pyroluria. The pyrroles rob the body of B6 and Zinc causing them to be excreted in the urine. This may result in a deficiency of B6 and zinc, which supplementation can correct. It is most often seen in females. It is thought that about 10% of a normal population has pyroluria, which may cause symptoms when the patient is stressed
What are the symptoms of Pyroluria imbalance?
Signs and symptoms of pyroluria are many. There seems to be a familial or genetic component. A family history of mental illness and all-girl families especially if there is also a history of miscarried boys.
" Frequent ear infections as a child, as well as colds, fevers and chills.
" Fatigue
" Nervous exhaustion
" Insomnia
" Poor memory or inability to think clearly
" Hyperactivity
" Seizures
" Mood swings
" Lack of regular periods in girls
" Impotence in males
" Unusual smelling breath and body odour
" Inability to tolerate drugs and alcohol
" Cold hands and feet
" Abdominal pain
" Intolerance to some protein foods, drugs or alcohol
" Morning nausea and constipation
" Difficulty remembering dreams
" Frequent head colds and infections
" Stretch marks in the skin
Not all the symptoms are present for every pyroluric but any number of them should make you suspicious.
Pyrolurics can often be identified by their appearance:
" Pale skin. A black pyroluric will have the lightest skin in the family
" A lack of hair on the head, eye brows and eye lashes
" Teeth in the upper jaw will often be overcrowded (unless orthodontic treatments has taken place). and poor appearance of tooth enamel.
" White marks on fingernails, be opaque and be tissue paper thin.
" Acne, eczema, and herpes may also be present.

Why does pyroluria occur?
Pyroluria can occur at any age but appears to be brought on by stress. It is familial and may be a factor in the development of mental retardation, epilepsy, hyper activity and particularly depression.
What does the test involve?
Morning spot urine specimen - in urine jar (with Ascorbate as a long term preservative-optional).
Note: Even without Ascorbate the results are accurate and reproducible for up to 7 days.

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